• Mobine Abd-Al-Khaliq

The world is coming together.

Human solidarity is one of the strongest forces we’ve seen. In these troubling times, coming together now and combating the Coronavirus has shown the true comradeship of people and businesses – all over the world. Companies uniting, sharing their resources helping to reduce the stress on healthcare and provide valuable equipment has been a testament to our natural potential for empathy. We decided to celebrate some of these companies and bring to light these amazing actions!


The renowned luxury consortium has converted 3 of its perfume factories to hand sanitizer production for global output. They aimed to make over 12 tons in just one week! This generosity even extended to providing free sanitizer to French authorities to help keep them safe as they continue their work. Amid the shortage, they have showed themselves keen to help the authorities by purchasing, producing and supplying medical masks as they are desperately needed in hospitals.

Under Armour

Closer to our home in Baltimore, MD – Under Armour are helping in any way they can. They are helping produce 500,000 masks, 1,000 face shields and various protective gear for medical professionals in Baltimore and plan to keep donating these resources to major facilities all across the state of Maryland. As a resident of this state ourselves, we feel more comfortable knowing that multinational companies are supporting local facilities and sharing their resources.


The quickest way to get critical healthcare supplies urgently across the USA is of course by plane. Boeing has been kind enough to donate 3 of its massive cargo planes to do just that! They have decided to assist the fight against coronavirus to provide goods such as – ventilators, masks, and all other medical goods to facilities nationally.


The world’s second largest auto manufacturer has ceased operations and halted its work. They have decided to shift from producing reliable cars, to producing medical face shields at this time. They have been very active in protecting their workers and aiming to keep them in a safe environment. They have shown that life can resume back to normal as well! They have resumed work in China as the rates have dropped and after a large quarantine, people are now back at work.


The global tech manufacturer has been active from the beginning, showing true compassion to countries all over the world being affected by this pandemic. Donations of N95 masks to facilities in Europe and North America, $15 million donated to help Italy combat when they needed the support most, $7 million to China to help reduce the strain on over 7 hospitals, including the Wuhan facility that was built in 10 days, and support to the Chinese citizens ensuring that they are being treated well. These acts of generosity deserve to be shown to the world!


Research and Development centers in Spain and the United States have now been converted into factories for face masks, face shields, nasal swabs and respirator parts. HP has mobilized a network of its customers, sending out designs that they can print locally, at scale. “We’ve realized that in moments of crisis, having digital factories and a distributed supply chain is a good thing,” Ramon Pastor - acting president of 3D printing and digital manufacturing for Hewlett-Packard. HP is also collaborating with researchers to make splitters so that existing ventilators can be shared and participating in the global effort to design and manufacture field ventilators. They have been approved by the FDA to help manufacture nasal swabs for test kits and aim to produce over a million.

Ford and General Electric

Two giants in the manufacturing business in America have come together to produce ventilators that are in dire need all across America. Ford will be using General Electric Healthcare’s design for an efficient turnaround. They aim to distribute over 50,000 units from now till July and will produce more as needed. Ventilators are crucial for patients as one of the many symptoms is difficulty breathing for patients and the current supply is not meeting the current demand.


We know many companies have been taking hits from the stock market and having to cut its main business to help combat COVID-19 is something we must definitely appreciate. These companies often get a bad reputation in the news for a lot of things, but now is the time to appreciate the good they are doing!

We also want to highly praise the healthcare staff all over the world. Risking their lives day in day out to save others. Their conviction to treat all patients whilst struggling for supplies is a true testament to the profession and they are heroes. We hope that these companies will deliver the vital necessities to you soon and alleviate some of the stress you are currently facing.

Lastly, these are some of the biggest companies helping combat COVID-19. Companies of all sizes are coming together to do what they can. They are producing necessities and delivering to their community’s healthcare services to keep them safe. We have seen neighbors come together and pool resources to donate to struggling facilities and those in need.

Coming together, we will overcome.

Jade Kite

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