• Mobine Abd-Al-Khaliq

Reddit's Super Bowl Ad at a Glance

5 seconds that glitched onto our screens and meant so much more.

The message board forum hit the news due to its role in the GameStop frenzy that shook Wall Street. Now, they made an advertisement that was shown on the biggest stage in America. 5 seconds was all it took to become the most talked and most posted-about ad of the night. What’s crazier? They made it in just a few days. We are taking the time to break down this ad and the message it was trying to provide to the viewers.


Last month Reddit hit the news for the WallStreetBets forum page rallying the masses and buying GameStop shares to Wall Street’s shock and disrupting hedge fund companies. “Underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together.” The message is clear – together, when uniting as a front, we can be better off. Inspiring and motivational, The aim was to bring people together after seeing so much division in recent times, helping people gain confidence and grow as one community.


The ad is simple and follows how a typical post on Reddit may be seen by a user. Simple sans serif text shows a friendlier, more personable approach. This enhances the deeper message that shows us Reddit’s values and hints at the core benefit of Reddit: “what you see is what you get”, this is particularly important in the current context of widespread mistrust of mainstream media. Additionally, the simplicity and immediacy are also a refreshingly human characteristic, connecting with individuals and empowering us all. The backdrop of the vibrant Reddit orange showcases the fun and edgy side of the brand, whilst simultaneously representing curiosity, trying new things, and creativity. A nod towards the diversity and variety of the forum is shown by promoting r/SuperbOwl (we appreciate the wordplay!) aiming to show that there is a lot to learn on this platform that may appeal to all kinds of personalities.

Do you feel that Reddit hit the mark with this ad? What are your thoughts in comparison to some of the other major ads that were shown during the evening?

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