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Being in Quarantine doesn’t mean we have to delay work.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

NOTE: Our weekly articles will be more focused on trends we see in the market and our perspectives. However, this is just a piece to show you how we are operating during these times and to see if you would be interested in using these tools for your company. We hope you are staying safe and well during this time.

Jade Kite

With the world going into quarantine, we are seeing more and more projects getting pushed back because they rely on traditional methods. We have been working tirelessly to find the most efficient remote solutions to avoid delays and keep your business on track. The challenge is to maintain the depth and richness of face to face exchanges in our remote solutions. We believe we have found the solutions and with that, we can safely say – there isn’t an insight or strategy project that Jade Kite can’t do remotely on a global scale.

How are we doing this.

Online focus groups

We have been working to make sure we can keep the groups lively and fun. Through an approach which is both more strictly structured and more conversational. This high energy lets the participants settle in and provide deep insights. With full use of stimulus, we are able to keep the conversation flowing and have a deep discussion as to thoughts on the topic.

Online Workshops

What does social distancing mean for ideation and creative workshops? The workflow has been disrupted and can feel difficult to produce the same high-quality work remotely as in a meeting room. With that being said, our online workshops deliver fantastic results for both fast (one day or less) working sessions or longer (3+ days) design thinking formats. We have been able to structure them to get the most out of these remote workshops. We keep the team fully immersed and active at each step of the process (and in between through personal research exercises and cross-feedback), with a constant focus on engagement and alignment from each team member. Resulting in high buy-in of the results across the board.

Swarm A.I.

In a previous article we mentioned Swarm technology as one of our key research methods. We have used this tool extensively with exceptional outcomes. Swarm A.I. is a new approach to Artificial Intelligence that enables a group of strangers to collaborate online and generate predictive assessments as a single organism. This approach consistently produces insights far more accurate than any other investigation method. It has been used to make predictions with great success in the fields of medicine, finance, and even gambling - and is now leveraged by Jade Kite to deliver next generation marketing insights. We can use Swarm A.I. all over the world from right here in the United States.

Mobile ethnographies

Whereas ethnographies require spending extended periods of time in close proximity with participants (less than ideal just right now!), we have been running ethnographies self-conducted by participants. We managed this by keeping in close contact with participants over an extended period of time, informally and on their native messaging platform. What we see is that instead of dry and flat answers to the prompts, we get more true and detailed responses that accurately show what day to day life is like for them even when unprompted.

Get in touch

If any of these methods have interested you and you would like to know more about them, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to discuss opportunities with you and offer our expertise. Our work is conducted in a thoughtful and efficient manner that will help keep you on time with projects that would otherwise see delays.

Email: sidi@jade-kite.com

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