Consumer Insight

We believe that humans are infinitely complex. To truly understand people, we combine a solid dose of empathy with custom-fitted approaches that reach through cultural and language barriers.

Strategic Branding

Brands reach their fullest potential when their every aspect resonates with consumers. Our mission is to help you get every detail just right, so that every touchpoint builds on the previous in a vibrant harmony. 

Generating Action

We ensure all of our deliverables translate into action; whether through stakeholder workshops, emotionally engaging reports, physical booklets, or any other format to meet your specific needs.


We thrive in challenging settings. We adapt seamlessly to difficult timelines and objectives, maintaining the same extremely high standards throughout.  


Deep-seated empathy lives at the center of everything we do. Stakeholders, consumers, clients, partners are not abstractions but people, holding worlds of nuance that are easy to miss if we don't truly listen to them.  

We draw you a clear, exciting map of the way ahead by  taking in the big picture and the finer details of your brand's landscape. 



While we were still in the early stages of building a business model, doing market research and defining ourselves, Jade Kite played an instrumental part in seeing beyond our (at the time under-developed) dream to build a fully detailed picture of our mission and ambition. 

They adapted their knowledge, so their strategies and advice were always relatable to us, and in doing so they made the whole process a lot less daunting - for that we will always be grateful.

Jade Kite were also the first to inspire us to tell our story and relate to our consumers on a personal level. We strongly recommend them to anyone who would like some guidance into making their vision a reality.

Mafalda Moutinho, Co-CEO, Casa de Cha  — 

Sidi led a project with Kingfisher Plc that explored a new area of development for the business. Sidi brought clarity of thinking and expression to the project that helped it grow from a early stage concept to a fully formed programme strand.


Sidi’s project management skills and analytical acumen are among the best in the industry.


I would readily recommend Sidi for any project that deals with complex issues that needs a large helping of clear thinking.

— Noah Subhrasheel Roychowdhury, Group Head of Research and Insight, Kingfisher plc 

Sidi is one of the most talented strategists I've had the pleasure of working with. His ability to think broadly about a problem is second to none and he often brings a new perspective or spin to a thorny issue. 


He has extensive knowledge and experience, meaning he is versed across a range brand strategy and innovation challenges and is comfortable with complexity.


Most importantly Sidi is a compelling story teller and once he has arrived at the solution he will give it a strong, engaging narrative that is easily understood, actionable and most importantly, shareable onwards.

Brian Hackett, Strategy Director, Bulletproof  —





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